Solo trips to the park: a do or don’t?

Today I decided that I did not want to go in to work because it has been a stressful week and I wanted to get away and chill for a bit. For me, the parks help me with that. So I requested the time off, got up and got dressed and made my plans. I decided to go to Epcot because I had not gotten my Pluto “Passholder” magnet yet and today was the last day.

When I told my fiance my plans, he looked at me like I was weird. He does not see how anyone could possibly have fun in the parks by themselves and thinks it would be lonely. Here is what I told him how I felt about going solo in the parks.

Prior to today I have gone to the parks by myself 4 other times. In every single case, I managed to have a good time and today was no different. There are many pros and cons to going alone every once in a while and I see mostly pros.

Yes you are alone so you mostly do not have anyone to talk to, but if you are outgoing like me and not afraid to strike up a conversation with someone then you will occasionally meet new people and talk about stuff. It can be fun and sometimes cool. If you are the type of person who cannot do this, then either do not go solo to the parks or plan on a day of silence and bring your headphones and listen to music. I myself did a mixture of both talking and headphones and listened to Disney music so it was fun.

The other fun part of it is that you get to decide the day. When you go with a group, you end up having to make sure everyone is happy. Whether it be the rides that someone “must do,” or “won’t do” to I want to eat “this,” but not “that.” When you go alone, there is no compromise or conversation needed when deciding where to go, eat or do.

I do have to say one con for me is driving alone. I live in Tampa so to go to the parks is a one and a half to two hour drive, and obviously with no one else there, the drive is all you. If you do not have that drive, then I can see this being something very easy and fun to do.

So overall, unless you have a fear of being alone which happens and is totally understandable, I think this is something that people can do and is nice every once in a while. While I will always prefer going with my fiance first or friends, until you’ve gone alone don’t knock it until you tried it.

Thanks again for reading, and until next time, see you at the parks!