New HHN Orlando House Announcement!!!

This afternoon, the Universal powers that be gave us new HHN information as I was brainstorming what to write about this week. We now have house announcement number four of ten for HHN Orlando or HHN29 and it is called “Depths of Fear.” It is about sea mining so lets dive into the details of this house.

In the description on Halloween Horror Nights, we have learned that we be will exploring a deep-sea mining company that went too deep and found some new lifeforms. We will be running into parasitic creatures called “Mouthbrooders.” These creatures will be spouting out flesh-eating acidic eggs and you will encounter them and their victims. You will be trying to escape alive as these creatures attack and you hear the self destruct alarm going on letting you know the facility is about to implode.

This description makes it sound like we will have a lot of water effects and with it being in a deep-sea facility, we will have tight spaces to crawl through. Personally I when they do houses with water effects and that have the water creatures. In the past they had “The Spawning,” “Saws and Steam,” “The Forsaken,” and things like that where the sea and water played a vital role in the story line and they are some of my favorite houses from the past.

As we learn more details about this event, I will keep you posted. For now, We have four houses announced with six more to go along with five scare zones and the possible live entertainment. The event will run select nights from September 6th to November 2nd, and do not forget the promotional buy one night get an extra one free is going on until June 5th.

That is going to be it for now guys. I will possibly post another one this week since this was so short, so stay tuned. Until next time, see you at the parks!