Epcot Flower and Garden 2019: Full review

Finally! I am sitting down to tell you all about one of the many annual festivals that Epcot holds: Flower and Garden. Now while it may seem rare to go to Epcot when there isn’t a festival going on, I do not feel that it takes the fun away for me honestly. With the new food, drink and topiaries each time you cannot lose. Now since this is a repeat event we tend to see a few novelty items always come back, so I will highlight the new things and some of my favorite classics. Lets dig in!

The topiaries are something I truly enjoy. Some of my favorites to check out are Simba and Friends over at Outpost and Figment in Future World. Plus, they added to one of my favorites this year too which is cool. In honor of the new movie Toy Story coming out on June 21st, Future World also has Buzz and Woody again but they have added Bo Peep and her sheep which is so cute! Another addition was in American Adventure where they added some sunflowers which are always pretty.

They also have the many gardens to roam around too. They added new ones like the Washed Ashore Penguin sculpture, Plant a Garden Perfect for Pollinators and Bo Peeps Playtime Training Grounds in Future World and the new Play Full garden between Mexico and Canada. So if you add these new pieces in with the few traditional ones that stayed, to say the Flower and Garden festival has tons of Flowers and Gardens to explore and take photos of is an understatement.

The Festival Passport will also help you as you roam around because it tells you about all of these amazing places and also some fun for kids and fun scavenger hunts too. Plus it does show where the shops are located throughout the park and the concert lineup so you can see who is playing that day. It also shows the tours you can go on throughout the different sections of the park which can be a nice break if you are looking for one. So if you are looking for things to do besides eat, drink and look at flowers, you have options and it will help you find them in the passport so do not forget to pick it up when you walk in the entrance.

The overall best part of any Epcot Festival is the food though, and it did not disappoint me. I went to the new “Arbor the gardens terrace” which was just inside the Odyssey center and I had the Cider Flight which was delicious. I did not try the food there, but was told the Mixed Berry Buttermilk Cake was not bad. The Flavor Full Kitchen was another new stop on the way and it had some lighter food options and fun non-alcholic beverages. Also new on the menu was The Citrus Blossom which had a delicious Lobster Tail and Orange sunshine wine slushy and if you want the Orange Bird cup, you could order the orange cream slushy and get it here. The next and final stop was on the new list was Trowel and Trellis for the Grilled Street Corn on the Cob and it was very good and while I did not get any tea, they all looked good. I heard the blueberry lemon and ginger tea was the best though.

Of course though, I always have to stop at my favorites. The Honey Beestro was back with its honey cheesecake which you know I had a bite of that. The adult Dole Whip was the Pineapple Promenade as well. You had the Jardin de Fiestas in Mexico, Lotus House in China, Bauernmarkt in Germany, Primavera Kitchen in Italy, The Smokehouse in America, Hanami in Japan, Taste of Marakesh in Morroco, Fleur de Lys in France, Northern Bloom in Canada and Fresh from Florida all back as well with their classics for you to choose from. You had a good mix this year of new and old because of this and it made it cool.

As you can see, there are many things to see, do, eat and drink at Epcot. Also, if you are a passholder you can get your Pluto and Daisy magnet while supplies last. They said they would only give out Pluto until April 10th but as of the first week of May they were still handing them out. I hope you are able to find the time to get over and take in the fun of all the festival has to offer and feel like its a fun time for all because of all there is to do.

Well that’s going to be it for now everyone. Thanks for reading about Epcot this go around and until next time, see you at the parks!