Cruise review of Disney Dream

Over the past week, I got to see my cousin get married on a Disney cruise. I have not been on a cruise ship since I was fourteen and I have never been on a Disney one so I was super excited to go. Not only was my cousin getting married, but on a Disney cruise to top it?! I was not missing it for the world. I will break down my five day cruise based on the food, drink, and experiences I had. I will also note now that this boat had so much to offer that I did not get to, so when you go pay attention to the itineraries so you can do what fits you! Well lets get sailing.

The first day had a few steps. We went through parking, security, checking in, setting up a payment for our room and getting our key to the world card. The card gets you on and off of the boat and links to your room for payment. My fiance and I had passports and kept them on us at all times, but for Disney you really just need their key to the world to buy things and to explore.

By linking a payment to your room like gift cards or a credit card, it helps you check out on the last day because you do not have to settle up. They give you a bill that last morning and you are set! you can also watch your tab on the television each day as well. I would highly recommend it and make sure to not lose that key that they give you. I also would get a lanyard of some kind to carry it for easy access.

Once we were on the boat and got through the security, we went over to Animator’s Palate for lunch. Overall, this was the beginning to the solid meals we would have for the rest of the trip. We had salads and split an oreo cheesecake and had some coffee! Then, we checked out our room.

My aunt had our room decorated, but we had an interior cabin with a virtual porthole and it was not too shabby. Clean room and shower, two closets, a table that opened up and a desk with a mirror. For two people it was great and there was a pullout bed, however I would not put three adults in there just two adults with a child. They offer bigger rooms for bigger families though so everyone has an option to fit their needs.

After the muster drill we went for drinks at the evolution lounge with our family and saw the strip of club and bar options on the third floor. They are open all night and have individual themes to each of them and are fun to check out if you are an adult, and some for kids.

We ran to the six o clock show after that called The Golden Mickeys which was an homage to the Disney classic movies. They have concessions all around as well before the show to stock up on popcorn buckets and specialty cups and once you are in the theater, you can relax and enjoy the Disney magic. The second night was Beauty and the Beast which was amazing and possibly better than the broadway version, the third night was a delightful magician who was on board through the cruise which was fun and the final was Disney’s Believe which I did not catch due to packing, but has great reviews from others. Each show is worth watching, so try and catch them either before your dinner if you have the late meal or after if you are the early meal.

For dinners, you are either assigned to 6:15 or 8:15 for dinner and you have a table and a restaurant each night. If you look on your Key, it tells you. There is E for Enchanted Garden, R for Royal Palace and A for Animators Palate.

These meals are included unless you want to buy any alcoholic drinks. There is desert every night as well and on pirate night, they have a themed meal. Overall, you cannot lose and you have the same waiter each night who will do magic tricks.

They also have upscale restaurants that you can reserve tables at called Remy and Palo. You do have to pay and dress fancy, but they seem to be worth it and have great service. Palo also has an amazing brunch (with a chicken parm you must have!) Also, go to the buffet as much as possible and enjoy all of the options while there.

There are also other places to eat throughout the day. For breakfast there is Cabanas along with the other dinner restaurants that convert as well. On the deck there is ice cream and a Cars themed fast food area with burgers, pizza, salad and fries for the kiddos or for a quick bit in general.

Now when off the boat, you have two beautiful stops at the Bahamas and Castaway Cay. While I did not get to do much in the Bahamas because of my cousin’s wedding, I did get off of the boat and it was fun. We stopped at local shops and had some drinks and if we had time there were some awesome excursion options.

For Castaway Cay, this is Disney’s private island. You have the main beach thats available for everyone and has all if the shops and there is an 18 years old + beach called serenity bay which is where we sat around. We walked through the shops and used the trams to get around and had a great time. Serenity Bay was very calm and quiet and had waiters walking up and down and you could rent chairs and floats. Overall a very relaxing day.

When we get done with castaway cay, that it was pirates day. People dressed up in pirate costumes and the restaurants had a special dinner. At night though, we had fireworks which was fun! Leave it to Disney to always have fireworks to end your night.

On your day at sea, we got the chance to check out the boat and see the things we had not seen yet. There is the shopping strip with all sorts of mouse gear and a pirate gift shop too, theres other more expensive jewelry stores as well, and of course the pools. The adult only area has a pool with a walk up bar and an upstairs bar as well if you do not want to get wet and in the family area there is a mickey slide and a raft ride called the aquaduck.

The aquaduck is a two person raft ride that takes you all around the deck to check out the water and everyone below (make sure to look for hidden mickeys in the pool!) You definitely want to take advantage of all there is to do on the boat that day, and make sure you pack to go home and follow the procedures!

They made sure we had bag tags in our room that assigned us to a section to pick up your bag the next morning in customs. You must have your bag out between 8:30-10:30

On the final morning, they assigned us to eat breakfast at the restaurant we ate dinner at the night before at either 6am or 8am and while its optional, going helps you take a moment and eat before you have to go through the customs process and spaces everyone out. Once we finished, we got off the boat and through customs with ease. It took a moment but we did not have any issues.

As we got back to our car in the garage, it was a bittersweet moment getting home. I enjoyed my time and had some great experiences. While Disney cruises are more expensive, if you are a Disney fan I would definitely put it on your bucket list. The memories you will make will never be forgotten and they truly make it easy for you to have an amazing vacation.

Well I hope you enjoyed my review. Feel free to like and comment below if you have gone as well. Thanks so much for reading! Until next time, see you in the parks!