Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail with Ominous Descent Haunted Attraction review

Last weekend, I decided to go with some friends to experience Plant City’s finest haunt, Sir Henry’s featuring Ominous Descent. This was my second year going, but I enjoyed every minute of it. These local haunts have a very unique and interesting way of making you feel you are really right in the action, and it can make it that much more fun. If you scare easy though, Beware! Lets get into the things to do when you go.

There are three trails, a lazer tag game and a really fun escape room. Each trail has a unique story to it and have a very good length to them. The trail names are The Breed which is a hillbilly family gone crazy, Reaper’s Haunting which was about a funeral home and The Harvester which was about a family who survived famine by killing people and using them. I enjoy the spacing they give you between each group so you really feel the intensity as you walk through and each house has an amazing cast that gives everything. Personally, I had a few of them come up right in my face and one even got so close I almost fell trying to get away! Truthfully, I enjoyed the jumps.

The other things to do while you are there are also equally fun. Lazer Tag is fun as usual and they put a fun twist on it having clown felons chasing after you. The other theme is in their escape room which is titled, “Vanished: Where’s Clara?” where you must solve the mystery of the missing girl in five minutes while people are outside the cabin attacking you while you are searching for the answers. I truly love the suspense of the escape rooms and each are $5 if you decide to do them separately from a regular ticket of they can be combined in your pricing.

I also enjoy the midway area between the houses where you get to see quite a bit as well. Sir Henry himself wanders around with his band of miscreants who are ready to scare you and take plenty of ph0tos. They also have snacks and drinks to enjoy and reasonable prices and merch to take home too. I have shirts myself and even got a bottle of the apple cider too! Take a look around while you are there and support your local haunts and communities.

For additional information and to buy tickets, check out before they seasons out.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading my brief review! Please feel free to like and comment below on you experiences!